Welcome to the T.H. Evertt Alpine House where we exhibit over 100 species of alpine plants native to mountainous regions around the world. Our Alpine House is a custom structure that protects the plants just enough while still mimicking an outdoor environment. While some of these plants may look similar to some of your houseplants these are outside plants. Alpine plants have adapted to harsh conditions that accompany mountain top environments. High winds, strong uv exposure, and potentially lack of rainfall. Each plant has evolved with its own survival tendencies, but some similarities exist. Large showy flowers attract the few pollinators in the area. They also attract plant collectors. This audio guide offers an intimate look into our collection of alpine plants. At least one fantastical plant each month is selected for deeper exploration. Come back via your phone at home or in-person every month for a new lesson in alpine plant care and preservation. Thank you for joining us and please help preserve our collection by withholding hands and fingers. Use your eyes and snap a few photos. I highly recommend using a magnifying glass for an upclose look. Enjoy exploring!